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Make Your Communication More Effective Through Video Conferencing


Imagine that you are able to meet with friends or colleagues on the other side of the globe as if you were in the same room. Picture their face which is so life-like that you forget they are 10,000 miles away. Impossible? Not any more, if you arrange a video conference!

More than half of all businesspeople waste about half an hour a day bacause of wrong communication methods, and businesses lose about $297 billion every year for this reason. Do you want to invest a little and save a lot more? Do you want to get ahead of your competitors by using more effective communication tools? If you answered "yes" to both questions, you should use video conferencing.

Why is video conferencing a more effective way of communication methodscommunication?

In most cases, communication is not just words, but 60 % of it is mimicry or gestures. Therefore, a video conference can also show your partners attitude, reactions or emotional state. In this way, you can enjoy the full use of live communication without having to spend on travel or transportation, and use video communication for strengthening your teams identity

What video conference solutions can you use?

Video conferencing services can be group or personal systems. Group systems use cameras and microphones as well as speakers and displays such as projectors and other devices. You can best use them in a meeting room or auditorium. Personal systems include hardware such as videophones that you can use with your PC. With both video conference systems, users are connected by IP, ISDN or PSTN networks. In the past, they blamed video conferencing itself for bad service, while it was really the fault of bad connection. Nowadays there are powerful broadband networks like Internet Protocol (IP) and quality features that give fast and quality connection. For example, there are data collaboration solutions like H.239, which is now used by almost all video conferencing companies, and with its help you can see both the people and the presentation at the same time.

The leading video conference service providers have already discovered the need for quality connection between business offices and government institutions. For example, IP-based video services and solutions through a global IP network are already on the mark, so that customers in more than 80 countries can even make tens of thousands of calls each month. Some companies offer both desktop services and complex room designs, and they help you choose both the network connection and the right communication tools for a video conference.

Some areas where you can use video conferencing

Many industries and government agencies today use video conferencing for business meetings. Distance students can also make a video conference with instructors or share study materials. Other useful areas for its use are telemedicine (doctors consult with specialists to make quick decisions), teleworking (remote workers connect to managers for distance communication) or cultural integration (employees chat with their co-workers abroad to get to know them better).

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