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The Art of Reaching Multitudes Through Long-Distance Conference Calls


Imagine a situation where you need to make a speech or a presentation for thousands of people who are in a different city or country. This situation would have been unimaginable even a decade ago, but now you have several possibilities to do just that. The magic word is conference calling.

The programs used by confrence calling suppliers are continuously developed in order to improve voice and picture quality, and to be able to connect larger numbers of people. Limitations are disappearing, even a smaller provider can offer a conference call with more than 200 participants through an audio conference.

scheduling tools

Dial-In conferencing solutions make it posible for you to reserve your meetings in advance, and to set the conference name, number of participants, conference duration, date and time. With Dial-in conferencing, you can gather up to 200 people for a call. Its ideal for large group conference calls like sales and staff meetings, trainings, workshops, or brainstorming sessions. Dial-in conferences provide time slots on the providers conference bridge at a given time for a given number of participants.

The best way to make audio conference calls for many people is to use an operator-assisted conference service. Such services involve operators who connect the participants to a conference, and manage the process from beginning to end. A "virtual conference room" of an operator-assisted conference can "seat" as many as 2000 or even more people. The operator dials in the participants as they join the conference. Operator assisted confrence calling services are relatively expensive, but by using them, you can save the expenses of organising a real conference, or the travel costs neeeded for reaching an audience at a different place.

A video conference is an even better solution for reaching many people than audio conference calls. By using this service, you can not only speak to the participants, but also make a presentation, share files or make your listeners watch a web page together. Sophisticated video conference services are now offered by several service providers. They offer a solution called multipoint bridging, which is is a full set of bridging service solutions serving the global needs of consumers. It can satisfy even the most sophisticated conference needs. Video bridging services offer standard video conference features, and specific customer requests are always taken into account. A multipoint bridging videoconferencing service uses reservations and scheduling tools, conference support and you can also ask for other conference features such as continuous presence, added audio features and confrence warning tones.

Is it possible to make a conference that has an audience of 10.000 people? Yes, make it easily with the internet radio service called podcasting. Push a button, record your words and make it accessible as a radio channel or send it as an e-mail. It is very cheap and effective.

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