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Why Choose Conference Calling Solutions?


Long-distance communication can not only be made through telephone, but through web and video communication as well. Conference calling is now more and more widely used by companies to set up meetings or to announce information.

Basically, two conferencing methods are known: "MeetMe conferencing", in which every participant calls a number, and "Ad Hoc conferencing", in which there are one or more moderators, who are calling each conference participant. The latter one is getting more and more popular. You have also a mute-control over the participants so you can set up a conference to let the other party talk or ignore them. For conference calls, a conference bridge is needed, which is actually a server that connects the conference calls. VoIP is a new solution that is widely used for conference calls because it is cheap, easy-to-use and it has many useful features. With the increasing popularity of conference calling, a purchaser can buy minutes in packages and can achieve a large discount.

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Now you have the freedom of holding your conference call anywhere in the world and you can even access conference services locally. Access to Local and Toll Free international confrence calling around the world means you don't have to find out how to call the United States to join your conference call. Accessing the conference is as easy as dialing a local or toll free number and the participants of the call can be in various countries and still be connected to the same conference call. Take a look at our extensive list of access point around the world and the attractive International Conference Calls Rates associated with them.

Audio conferencing is still the cheapest way to talk without a headphone and keep in touch with loads of participants. Distance does not matter anymore. The number you call could be local or toll free long distance one. You can also sign up for one of the audio conferencing services and choose a package of numerous services of the conference call providers. What services are available? There are a lot of factors that you can take into consideration, like price, translation services, multiple moderators, avaibality of multiple conferences or pre-conferene opportunity, recording options, call scheduler, online billing management and so on.

Even if you want to talk with your family abroad, keep in touch with friends or making a confrence call, you can find thousands of solutions, so dont hesitate to look around and check the providers web pages! Remember to write down all your needs for a conference call and choose a company providing a "package" for all your needs!

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