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Cheap conference calls


Conference call companies are making it easier to set up calls for cutomers who want to use audio or web conference solutions. Clients can use their services for a fee and they are now offered the best services and support during the entire session. Service providers now offer cheap conference calls, especially when compared to the costs of a live conference.

Audio conference call services are usually charged on a per minute basis while online conference calls on a per seat per month basis. It may be $100-150 for a web conference session on an average and $60 for audio conferencing. Lower prices may be offered to those who are using the conference call services of a given provider frequently.

cheap conference calls

Generally customers pay for the minutes they had used and the transactions are itemized at the end of the month on a bill. Cheap - or close to free - conference call providers don't charge for setup. This means the more you use the service, the more discount you will get.

Consumers can also take the benefit of buying minutes in bulk. Many cheap conference calling companies offer large volume discounts. Purchasing minutes in bulk means that the service will be offered for a lower per minute rate.

With cheap conference calling, the customer is able to organize conferences for two to 200 people. Nowadays, many companies have their own conference call bridges and other telecom infrastructure, which helps them provide cheap conference calls.

There are many types of conference call services, so it should be easy to find one that fits your business needs the most. While there are many cheap conference calling services that may fit your needs and could lower your costs, some may simply not be right for you; they could just be a waste of money.

You have to know exactly what you are looking for to perform cheap conference calls. A company which lets you join a meeting as easily as calling a toll free number from your telephone is a good choice. For security purposes, they should offer a pass code that the participants enter through their telephone or they give it to an operator. It is very important to know exactly how much you are paying per person to keep the costs low.

Some things that you need to consider as well:

  • Will you need an operator?
  • Wouldnt web conferencing be a better choice?
  • Do you need a conference calling service that allows you to show slides and presentations?
  • Do you want to record the call?
  • Does the conference call company give the best price for your needs?

In case of web conferencing, you will need special software designed for this purpose. You also have to be networked. But Web conferencing has the adventage of seeing the people who are participating, which isn't possible with simple telephone conferencing. At the same time, it still remains a relatively cheap conference calling service.

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