We have all the information you ever wanted to ask about conferencing.

Conferencing services are a booming branch of today's information technology.

We will show you why you may want to use them.


audio conferencing

If you are a sales representative, imagine a situation where you want to talklive to more than one customer at the same time in a different country. If you ara a business executive, you may want to conduct an important discussion with your company's different offices.




You may want to make an important presentation to or share information with coleagues far away. Maybe you just want to make friends worldwide and share files, images or applications with them.

choosing solution




In all cases, starting a conference is the most obvious solution.

setting up a conference call

With conferencing services, you can talk to people far away, without needing to even leave your office or the location where you are at the moment. Imgaine cutting a great deal of the costs you used to send for traveling or accomodation because of the need to travel to important meetings. Imagine managing a discussion by just pushing buttons from your office.


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But how, you may wonder, can you do this and what possibilities are there?


Read on and you will find out:

web based conference calling

What conferencing possibilities are being offered on the market and under what conditions you can use them.

How to choose the most appropriate conference service for your needs.

How you can conduct an audio conference for a reasonable price or even free.

What are the unique advantages of video conferencing.

How to use conference call centers or set up a conference center of your own.

What web-based conferencing possibilities you may use.

What possibilities there are for file sharing or presentations.

How to pay just the right amount for your specific needs why using the most appropriate service.


We hope that this introductory information will make you more confident about

conferencing and will help you find the best service solution for your needs.



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